Arthur Aldyrkhanov
After a small (8 years) study of Chemistry ended in 2013 I’ve decided to plunge into the field of multimedia. I was involved in wedding retouch (video clips, reportage, special effects). Was looking for new ideas on a consistent base and of course implementing it in my work. Moving to France allowed me to upgrade my knowledge of graphic design, working as a guide in Provence region I was testing marketing strategies, improving my website and so on. This passion led me to e-commerce, since 2017 I am managing my own eCom store, and this allows me to understand what attracts the final consumer. 
I approached the art of modern photography with special reverence, honestly, I was afraid to dive in photography too deep and drop all the other things. For the next 2 years of practicing, I’ve gained invaluable experience in various areas of photography, you can check out my portfolio. Among other things, I have been practicing in the creation of vector illustrations for a long time, working on sketches, local and global lighting, textures and so on.

Favorite soft: Adobe Illustrator
Hobby: Learning, Reading, Photography
Passion: Engineering

References in Photography: